It is said there are no chance meetings. For Lilja Oddsdóttir and Gitte Lassen, this is undoubtedly true. Their meeting not only changed each of their life trajectories, it gave Gitte back her life.

Lilja and Gitte met at what was the lowest point in Gitte’s life.

Gitte, generally a healthy and vibrant young woman, had begun to experience a gradual decrease in her energy. Soon she was staggering through her days in brain-fogged sleep deprivation, with even the smallest of tasks feeling monumental.

After many months and multiple tests which showed nothing was wrong with her, finally a specialized test indicated she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection).

Now she had a name for it, but she was told there was no cure.

Gitte was not ready to give up. She decided to disregard her “life-sentence” and try to heal herself.

Her life up to that point had given her a good scholastic and practical knowledge of organic gardening, edible wildflowers and plants. She was vegetarian and knew the benefits of a healthy diet. Plus as a massage therapist she had an advanced knowledge of a variety of mind-body healing practices. So Gitte started applying a mind-over-body approach.

After a year, with no change for the better, she began to think the doctors were right.

Then she met Lilja, a Master Iridologist and Naturopath. With Lilja’s guidance, Gitte began an integrated and comprehensive natural medicine healing program. Within two months, she went from shuffling slowly down the street unable to walk long distances to striding alongside her friends, keeping pace and not tiring for hours. Optimal health began to return once they combined Lilja’s vast knowledge of naturopathy with Gitte’s mind-body and energy awareness practices. Soon, her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was completely healed using only natural and holistic healing modalities.

Together, they came to a clear awareness that in order to experience optimal health and heal from illness and disease, the whole person – mentally, emotionally, and physically – must be taken into consideration and deep work is needed in order to bring the body back into alignment.

This knowledge was too powerful to keep to themselves.

A few years later, in 2007, they opened the doors to School of Health Mastery (Heilsumeistaraskólinn) and were proud to have their school and curriculum recognized by Iceland Ministry of Education as a secondary education.

Through their courses and trainings, their students have learned how to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, many of whom have gone on to become practitioners themselves. The women have witnessed miracles of healing happen in their school and through the work graduates are doing with their clients.

Lilja and Gitte are beyond thrilled that now, through the Academy for Health Mastery, you too will have access to all the knowledge and information that have helped each of them, their students, their students’ families and their graduates’ clients regain optimal health and lead vibrant lives.