Leonard Mehlmauer and Nenita Sarmieto

Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.) Grand Medicine CEO, is professor, researcher, and writer in Eyology science, Natural Healing, and Cooperative Community. He is author of SCLEROLOGY—A New View of an Ancient Art and many other books, maps, and manuscripts in these fields. Dr. Mehlmauer holds university degrees in Anthropology and Music and has been a Traditional Naturopath in clinical practice since 1972 (now office-retired). He continues to research, teach, and write on Eyology, diet, lifestyle, cooperative community, and human culture. Books, maps, and courses are currently available thru www.eyology.com / 1-619-240-3711 (USA) / gm@grandmedicine.com.

Nenita Sarmiento, BSc, CPA, is Co-Director and Professor at Grand Medicine (GranMed, GM). She is our creative artist, planning, organizing, and managing research, logistics and technology at the GM lab and abroad, while always insisting on highest quality and integrity.

Courses Taught By Leonard Mehlmauer and Nenita Sarmieto