This class covers all the necessities. The essentials are all here—everything you need to start and maintain an Iridology practice. New to Iridology? A rank beginner? No problem. Need a refresher? We start at the beginning.

As researchers, we seek out all the details. And that’s what you get; Iridology’s ideas & concepts, history and terminology; iris anatomy, map topography, the circular landmarks, the specific signs and markings, pigments, and dispositions; what the irises show and do not show—the whole foundation is covered in this exciting “Basics” Course. Also included—camera / imaging demo, practice tips from the top pros, and the latest research findings, natural holistic healing principles and tips for promoting your business. Hear, see and feel the difference our multi-media course presentation makes!

Instructors: Leonard Mehlmauer and Nenita Sarmieto