Welcome to the Academy for Health Mastery

Welcome home!

Knowledge can change your mind. Knowing how to use it can change your life.

The Academy for Health Mastery is the online evolution of the School of Health Mastery (Heilsumeistaraskólinn), a bricks and mortar school for natural and holistic health founded in 2007 in Iceland and recognized as a secondary education by the Icelandic Ministry of Education.

How is The Academy different from The School?

The Academy for Health Mastery takes all the classes, courses, knowledge and wisdom that was only available to Icelandic students and brings it to the world stage through our digital self-study courses and interactive certification courses.

Plus we are expanding our offerings by inviting other experts to share their online courses via our platform in order to provide you with one comprehensive portal from which to learn about natural and holistic health.

Now everyone can have access to this life-changing information from the comfort of their home.

Learn at your own pace and when your schedule allows. Or choose the certification version of a course for interaction with other students and instructor.

We created the School, and now the Academy, because we wanted to empower people with the knowledge needed to make lasting change for a healthy and vibrant life.

It’s time to take back your power and learn to create your own lasting and vibrant health.

Lilja Oddsdóttir and Gitte Lassen
Co-founders of the School of Health Mastery and the Academy for Health Mastery.

The Academy for Health Mastery was created for people like you who:

  • are ready to take back control of their health

  • know there’s a better way than surrendering to a lifetime of pharmaceutical drugs

  • want to live healthfully ever after